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Colophon is a designer-y word for “how it's made”—here's what powers

About this site

I designed and built this site myself. It's a home to share things I'm exploring and things I've built. It's a place for me to learn in public.


This site is built using Astro. Astro handles the content-heavy views, but for more interactive components I use React and TypeScript.

Code is edited using VS Code on a MacBook Pro. My terminal of choice is iTerm. My go-to coding font is Fira Mono.

Hosting and deployment are via Netlify. Email forwarding is through ImprovMX.


Text on the website is set in Inter. The font are self hosted from the /public directory.


I use CSS Variables for colors to apply palettes consistently, ensure accessibility, and seamlessly switch between light and dark mode. Styles are written using SCSS for mobile-first approach for maintaibility. Don't use any of the fancy SCSS features.


The website avoids unnecessary scripts (such as trackers, analytics, or resource-intensive animations) and compressing images and video. There are no third-party cookies here, and your data isn't collected when using this site. This website does not track you.

Website Carbon Calculator

As of 10th November, 2023, carbon results for indicate that the home page is cleaner than 97% of web pages tested, producing 0.03g of CO2 per page view. Carbon results for