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Operating guidelines

Mar 2, 2024

It takes intentionality to do good work. I’ve developed a set of self-enforced standard operating procedures that I try to remind myself of on a daily basis to be more accountable and excel.

Time Management: Every hour counts. I meticulously plan and track my tasks to ensure productivity. Remember, an unaccounted hour is a wasted one. I break down tasks thoroughly to understand their scope.

Focus and Commitment: Avoid distractions at all costs. Stay committed to the task at hand and be honest about priorities. Sometimes, burning bridges (metaphorically) is necessary to fully dedicate oneself to a goal. Backup plans only dilute focus.

Strategic Execution: While it’s essential to dream big, execution demands pragmatism. Rather than continuously testing ideas, focus on creating products that surpass competition in quality, speed, and user experience.

Team Dynamics: A small team fueled by passion and skill often outperforms larger, less motivated groups. Credentials matter less than dedication and talent. In an ever-evolving industry, yesterday’s achievements don’t guarantee future success.

Balancing Objectivity and Empathy: Maintain professional objectivity while fostering empathy within the team. Honest feedback is crucial for growth, even if it’s uncomfortable. Prioritize progress over comfort to avoid stagnation.

Passion and Excellence: True fulfillment comes from creating exceptional work, not merely from the excitement of the feature/product itself. Prioritize excellence in everything you build.

Unstoppable Teams: By prioritizing quality, honesty, and dedication, a team can achieve remarkable success.

These principles guide my approach to work, ensuring efficiency, quality, and continuous improvement. If you don’t agree for some or feel I can do something better, please do reach out to me on any of these platforms.