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Mar 4, 2024

Designed and built a website for Product managers, a mobile-first responsive landing page which showcases their profile, work experience and blog posts. The content to the website is populated from Notion.

Intro section for product manager website

Intro section which showcases name and image

Created a section to showcase work process, highlighting their skills on Product research, doing product design, strategy, experimentation and measuring outcomes.

Skills section for product manager website

Skills section which showcases product management skills

Lastly a blog section to show case articles/case-studies written. The content to this section is pulled from a specific Notion page.

Blog section for product manager website

Blog section which showcases case studies/articles

Supports dark mode and has 100 score on lighthouse.

Design Elements




Designed in Figma and all assets used are SVG.


Colors and typography are handled via CSS Variables.

Built with NextJS with TailwindCSS.

Notion API for content.

Hosted on Vercel.